MS. Office: P.O. Box S, Flora, MS 39071  
 FL.  Office: P.O. Box 18199, Panama City Beach, FL 32417  


Mission Statement

    At Bonds & Associates, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, confidence, and performance under pressure. We have no need for clichéd slogans or glossy marketing campaigns. We perform, honestly and efficiently, and have built a stellar reputation for these qualities. Our project history, safety record, and collective resumes demonstrate our abilities, and have given us the experience necessary to both outcompete and outperform any and all competition. In utilizing Bonds & Associates, one comes to understand how we have earned the title “A Commanding Presence”.

   Corporate Statement on Safety:

   The management of Bonds & Associates, Inc. believes the safety of our employees and any individual who works on our jobsites is of the utmost importance. We ask each employee to accept the responsibility to work safely and bring to the attention of management any conditions which they feel are unsafe.  We support all efforts to maintain a safe and hazard free jobsite and will spare no expense when implementing the Safety Program for any project.  Under NO circumstances shall safe working conditions be neglected in order to save time or money.  We commit to providing our employees with the necessary training, information and management support to complete each project in the safest possible manner.


Mississippi General Contractor and Highway, Road & Bridge Construction License #: 14360
Louisiana GC License #: 48134  ·   Florida GC License #: CGC1517780