MS. Office: P.O. Box S, Flora, MS 39071  
 FL.  Office: P.O. Box 18199, Panama City Beach, FL 32417  


Company History: 

   Bonds & Associates was formed in April of 2004 as a very small General Contractor, consisting of only eight employees.  We have since grown to consistently employ well over ten times our original count and have grossed more than $32 million in our brief existence.  After a year of working as a General Contractor in both the residential and light commercial sectors, we were offered a subcontract to perform the structural concrete construction on a large project.  We found that this suited us far better than working as General Contractors, and have worked within that niche ever since.  Many would scoff at our humble beginning.  We however, are thankful for it, as it instilled an unshakeable team mentality at our very core, as well as a fortitude that is unmatched in the industry.  It is, in fact, our team mentality and persistence that allow us to consistently see far better returns than many of our competitors on our projects - not by price gouging or improper estimating but through quality workmanship, meticulous due diligence, and sheer tenacity - allowing us to work towards a common goal.

Mississippi General Contractor and Highway, Road & Bridge Construction License #: 14360
Louisiana GC License #: 48134  ·   Florida GC License #: CGC1517780