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Bates Elementary/Cardoza Middle School-Jackson, MS

Scope: 194,000 square foot building with 5 wings and 1 main building. Building consists of exterior foundation walls around the entire perimeter. Interior consists of support columns and elevated beams to form basis for decks. Concrete decks were created with hollow core planks sitting on top of the elevated cast-in-place concrete beams, making it imperative that beams be level at installation. Photo Gallery
Bennie Thompson Academic Center-Jackson, MS

Scope: 46,000 square foot two story building, including roof slab. Contract included concrete formwork for grade beams, columns, elevated beams, shoring and decking for structural slabs. Also included placing and finishing slab-on-grade and elevated structural decks. Much of the formwork, including columns, elevated beams, walls, and bottoms of structural decks was exposed architectural concrete. This required the use of MDO plywood, but also required the caulking and/or sealing of joints to provide minimal leakage of concrete material. Job also required specific layout for plywood to be used at the decks to give a symmetrical look to the ceiling. Snap ties in beams also required specific layout to continue the symmetrical look. Over 50% of all concrete surfaces formed were exposed with an architectural finish Photo Gallery
Blackburn Middle School-Jackson, MS

Scope: 65,000 square foot building with crawl space. Building consists of exterior foundation walls around the entire perimeter. Interior consists of columns. Structural concrete decks were shored and formed on these columns with no beams. Distance from mud slab to bottom of deck was often less than 5 feet. Materials were removed through openings left in perimeter walls. Photo Gallery
Gluckstadt High School

New construction of public high school facility in Gluckstadt, Mississippi. Photo Gallery
North Oaks Parking Garage-Hammond, LA

Scope: 58,000 square foot parking garage with two elevated (cast-in-place) concrete decks. Foundation consists of pile caps and grade beams. Knee-walls surround the perimeter of the structure with chamfer strips running along the top of the wall, as well as vertical chamfer on the outside of the walls to match the precast look of the hospital itself. Elevator/Stairwell can was formed with patterned chamfer to match the walls of the garage, as well as the precast look of the hospital. Garage consists of cast-in-place columns, foundation walls at the ramps, and elevated beams. Concrete deck was cast-in-place for each floor and ramp. Photo Gallery
Mississippi General Contractor and Highway, Road & Bridge Construction License #: 14360
Louisiana GC License #: 48134  ·   Florida GC License #: CGC1517780