MS. Office: P.O. Box S, Flora, MS 39071  
 FL.  Office: P.O. Box 18199, Panama City Beach, FL 32417  


Who We Are

With over 85 years combined experience in the fields of General Contracting and Construction Management, the executive team at Bonds & Associates possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the Construction Industry.  However, we have found that while we possess a strong foundation in the fields of General Contracting and Construction Management, we prefer to stay within the niche of structural concrete construction.  We have found that this works out quite nicely, as our extensive experience as General Contractors/Construction Managers compliments our expertise in concrete construction by allowing us to approach every project from the point of view of both the General Contractor for whom we will be working, and ourselves as subcontractors.  Whether the goal is delivering a turn-key project on time and under budget, litigation avoidance through proper communication and cooperation, or protection from litigation through meticulous due diligence and strategic planning, our executive team has a tried and true track record of outstanding accomplishment exceeding that of much larger firms.

Mississippi General Contractor and Highway, Road & Bridge Construction License #: 14360
Louisiana GC License #: 48134  ·   Florida GC License #: CGC1517780